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Alaska Midnightsun Sundance Council

Alaska Midnightsun Sundance Council supports Alaska Native and American Indian spiritual, ceremonial, cultural, subsistence and medicinal practices. Our goal is to realize Chief Marie Smith Jones’  and Crazy Horse's vision of bringing the Lakota Sundance to Alaska in order to reclaim Alaska Native and Native American tribal, cultural and environmental identity. AMSC offers cultural education on indigenous ceremony, medicinal plants and foods, and other cultural skills. We support and promote traditional Ceremony and ceremonial leaders. Although we are based in Alaska, our staff in Oregon and Washington focuses on helping those in recovery through traditional ceremony and indigenous talking circle therapies.

The Alaska Midnight Sundance Council provides logistical and financial support for the Great Raven's Medicine Song Sundance (Datson' Se Seyh Ch'eleech Wiwanke Wichipi). This is an open Sundance with an open altar, meaning that all may attend. 


Support Our Work

Standing together, praying together.

We are working to land the vision here on earth. 

One mind, one heart, one prayer.

Mitakuye oyasin

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