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New Ventures and Travels!

Alaska Midnightsun Sundance Council is excited to share with you all about a new joint venture, filming a documentary about the story of fulfilling the visions of two leaders, Chief Marie and Crazy Horse, bringing traditional Lakota ceremonies to Alaska. AMSC is working in collaboration with the Timber + Frame video production agency, funded by a grant from the Beads on One String Foundation and by in-kind donations from Timber + Frame..

Our Visionary, Culture Bearer and Intercessor TJ Ravenwolf will be travelling with Matthew Perez-Mora, Director and Producer at Timber + Frame, Jennifer Gilden, Vice Director of AMSC, and Reuben Crowfeather, a young leader of the Hunkpapa Lakota. They are heading to South Dakota to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and to the sacred site Wind Cave in the Black Hills to support and participate in annual Oceti Sakowin (Seven Council Fires) Celestial and Sacred Sites Ceremonies.

AMSC plans on this being the first of two documentaries focused on preserving these ancient sacred ways for the younger generations. The films are intended to be used for educational, behavioral health support, addiction recovery, and re-entry purposes. This is all part of continuing our relationship building with the Lakota people and the Oceti Sakowin. Both the AMSC and Timber + Frame are providing food and traditional medicines for the annual Celestial Sacred Sites ceremony at Wind Cave, South Dakota on March 20.

During AMSC’s visit to South Dakota we will be interviewing and filming elders, leaders and others about the Red Road and the Sundance way. We hope to capture many awesome points of interest throughout the Black Hills and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, weather permitting. We are grateful to be able to tell this story for the benefit of all involved..

Thank you all for your continued interest and support. Stay tuned for updates from the road!

Sage smoke and prayers up!

Mitakuye Oyasin


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