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Setting up the Unci Maka Inipi


Happy new year from Alaska Midnightsun Sundance Council! We hope the new year brings you healing and joy. Here at AMSC we have a lot of plans and activities that we will share with you over the next few weeks.

We are happy to announce that in December the Alaska Midnightsun Sundance Council's Pacific Northwest Camp built the long-awaited Unci Maka Inipi (Mother Earth Sweat Lodge) in Vancouver, Washington. Creating the inipi took time, counsel, and prayer, and required gathering materials and supplies, including harvesting nearby willows with care and respect. Several volunteers helped to build the Unci Maka Inipi, the Hehaka Wakinyan (Thunder Elk) Altar, and the sacred firepit. TJ Ravenwolf led a ceremony to open the space and grounds to Spirit and the directions.

The Inipi serves all who come with an open mind and a good heart. There are many teachings to be shared, and traditional and altar-specific protocols to observe. We are also requiring precautions for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Volunteers are needed for work parties to build a wood shed, shelter, and make improvements to the grounds. If you are interested in participating, serving, and learning about the teachings, the Inipi and the Covid-19 precautions, please contact the AMSC Pacific Northwest Chair and groundskeeper Connie. Wopila!


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