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the sundance

The Sundance is the highest way to honor Wakan Tanka (Creator). It is the foremost of the Lakota sacred ceremonies. The Sundance is about giving, selflessness, and sacrifice for the benefit of all of creation. It is a renewal ceremony, a new year's celebration, so that all things may live again for another year. It is not a sideshow, a spectacle, or a tourist attraction.


The Sundance usually involves many circles in the community gathering together in ceremony to pray for healing and renewal. Individuals who are making personal sacrifices are sequestered from the main community during the ceremony, abstaining from food and drink for four days, dancing and praying on behalf of creation and the community. During the Ceremony there is an opportunity for all peoples to come into the arbor (the sacred space) for Healing. Military Veterans are invited to come and be honored and request healing during the Veterans’ round.


"The Red Road and Sundance way of life have taught me a lot about commitment, service to self, and service to others. I believe it can help many others in their lives, families, and communities. These sacred ceremonies teach values, ethics, and ground people to help them be better people from the inside." - Chief Al Stevens, Koyukan Athabascan Elder

"This is a good thing. It will help the people. Remember to keep it simple. All things must come from the heart. Spirit will come and see. There will be blessings when these things come from the heart. Do this all in a good way." Basil Braveheart, Lakota Elder, teacher, and healer

"Thanking the Creator for our ceremonies, and the prayers of our elders, past and present, to help carry our people through these times and keep us strong as a people." Benno Harry Cleveland, Inupiaq, U.S. Army

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