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values & goals


We strive to conduct our work in accordance with the Seven Sacred Lakota Values and spiritual laws of the Red Road:




  • Wichozani: To live your life with good health

  • Wic’oncoqc: To live from generation to generation

  • Inila: To live your life with quietness

  • Wi’yuskin: To live with happiness,

  • Okiciyapo: To help one another,

  • Wowasake: To live with power,

  • Ahokipa and Yuonihanyan: To live with respect and to honor all.


  • Wayuonihan (respect)

  • Wacante ognaka (generosity)

  • Woksape (wisdom)

  • Wacintanka (fortitude)

  • Woohitika (courage)

  • Wowahala (humbleness)

  • Waunsilayapi (kindness)



  • Preserve native spiritual ceremony, ritual, and education.

  • Provide education and support in indigenous practice and spiritual ceremony.

    • Produce native community events​

    • Offer education on identifying, harvesting, and preparing indigenous medicinal plants and foods

    • Offer opportunities to learn native traditional cultural skills like tanning hides, drum making, beading, dancing, storytelling, and learning Alaska Native languages and Lakota.

  • Reclaim Alaska Native and Native American tribal, cultural, and environmental identity through ceremony and community.

    • Support and advocate for native community efforts in indigenous advocacy and environmentalism

    • Conduct ceremonial interventions for alcohol/chemical addiction and recovery support and behavioral health.  


Specific plans

AMSC's current plans fall within three areas.


Great Raven's Medicine Song Sundance

Datson' Se Seyh Ch'eleech Wiwanke Wichipi 

AMSC is working with leaders in Alaska, and with members of the Rosebud Sioux tribe, to conduct a Sundance on the Stevens Village Bison Ranch in 2022. This includes bringing Alaska natives to the Ironwood Sundance on Lakota land to learn the ways of the Sundance, and bringing Lakota elders and leaders to Alaska. AMSC is working closely with Alaska Native leaders to share ceremonies and ensure a productive and successful cross-cultural event.


Intercessor TJ Ravenwolf and AMSC board member Connie Sharman attended the Ironwood Sundance in August 2020 to make connections and prepare the way for future collaboration.

Alaska Gatherings

In Anchorage, Alaska, AMSC has been conducting regular gatherings (interrupted by COVID) to conduct ceremony and strengthen community ties. These gatherings have included potlucks and giveaways to support elder participants. AMSC is planning to resume disributions of food and supplies to elders as soon as COVID and funding allows.

Northwest Gatherings


In Salmon Creek, Washington, AMSC is focused on building the capacity to conduct regular sweat lodges (inipi ceremonies). AMSC hopes to facilitate one Inipi ceremony a month to prepare Sundance ceremony pledges and serve the community. The Inipi ceremony takes from 4 to 6 hours including setup, starting the fire, conducting the ceremony, and potluck. The Inipi ceremony is open to the public, with a focus on returning veterans, participants in re-entry programs, people in recovery, and the native and non-native communities. There is no discrimination based on age, race, gender identity, or sociopolitical status.​​

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